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Eaglewood Design Committee Charter

Authorization & Purpose

PC&R VIII.I The Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is charged with the primary responsibility for enforcement of the Protective Covenants and Restrictions (PC&Rs) and promulgation and enforcement of the Rules and Regulations.


The Board may appoint committees as deemed appropriate in carrying out its purposes including, but not limited to:
(1) The Design Committee, which shall advise the Board on all matters pertaining to the compliance with the PC&Rs and shall perform such other functions as the Board, in its discretion, may determine.

The Board of Directors hereby charters the Design Committee (hereinafter the Committee) and charges it with the following form, duties, responsibilities and functions. The Charter replaces all previous such action and charters.

  1. The Committee Chair shall be the Board member designated as Vice President of Design.
  2. The Committee shall consist of at least 3 members including the Chair. The Board desires and encourages participation in the Design Committee process by our Home Owners and Members. Therefore it will be desirable to have a Committee with considerably more members than the minimum but not to exceed 15.
  3. A quorum shall consist of at least 2 members including the Chair or designee.
  4. Meetings will be conducted using parliamentary procedure as defined in Roberts Rules of Order Newly Revised 11th Edition. Detailed minutes of all actions will be kept and available for review by all Members of the Association. Identifying information (name, address etc.) of individuals / owners subject to assessment will be confidential.
  5. All Committee members will serve at the pleasure of the Board and may be removed without cause.
  6. The Committee decisions and recommendations will be by majority vote. While open discussion, free sharing of all views and operation on a consensus basis is desirable, it is not required.
  7. The Committee shall hold monthly meetings at a time and place determined by the Chair and convenient for the Members of the Association in a location as near to the neighborhood as possible. The Committee will issue its decisions in a prompt and timely fashion.
  8. The Committee will act only on those matters properly in its purview according to the Governing Documents referenced herein and as defined in Rules and Regulations properly adopted and promulgated by the Board of Directors. The Committee will be the primary enforcement body for this purpose.
  9. The Committee will serve as the initial body for hearing both individual concerns and comments on specific violations and assessments as well as the body for general Home Owners comments on enforcement of Rules and Regulations.
  10. The Committee will review for assessment the violations of Design Committee Rules found by the inspection process.
  11. The Committee will, from time to time, review the inspection process and recommend changes thereto for the Board�s consideration.
  12. The Committee will review for approval all applications for modifications of Private Areas as established by the PC&R�s in V.VII Building Development for compliance with the promulgated Rules and Regulations.
  13. The Judicial Council as established in PC&R VIII.III shall be the body for appeals of Special Assessments and all other financial penalties.
  14. The Committee will draft for Board consideration changes to and additions or deletions to the Design Committee Rules and changes to the inspection process. The Committee will serve as the primary advisor to the Board on these issues as specified in the Bylaw referenced herein.
  15. The Committee will operate on high ethical and owner service standards. Personal conflicts and mal-treatment of owners or residents have no place in the Bodies that serve our association. The Mission Statement of the Board of Directors is incorporated here by reference and it will be a duty of all Committee members to abide by and aspire to the Mission, Vision and Guiding Principles therein.

Application for Design Committee Membership

An applicant must:

  1. Be current and remain current on his/her Homeowner Dues and have no unpaid assessments.
  2. Must agree to operate according to:
    1. The Design Committee Charter as adopted and amended
    2. Design Committee Rules properly adopted and promulgated by the Board
    3. PC&Rs
    4. Bylaws
    5. Other Applicable Rules and Regulations
    6. Mission Statement of the Eaglewood Homeowners Association
  3. Attend, as an observer, 2 Design Committee (DC) Meetings in a 12 month period. (Request the Chair note in the minutes they are attending as a Committee Candidate.)
  4. Have his/her name submitted to the Board of Directors for approval, by the DC Chair after attending the meetings above.
  5. Evidence a sincere desire to balance the needs of the community as a whole with those of individual homeowners and residents.

Member Duties

Members must:

  1. Regularly attend the monthly (DC) meetings. If absent 3 times in a 6 month period, the DC member will be dismissed from the DC, unless the DC member gives prior notice to the Eaglewood Administrative Assistant or VP of Design (Chair) or designee.
  2. Become familiar with the above referenced Governing Documents.
  3. Make all decisions based on the Governing Documents in a responsive, competent, honest, fair and respectful fashion.
  4. Perform occasional inspections of the subdivision as required.
  5. Review Homeowner requests both at the regular meetings, and at the Eaglewood office, throughout the year.
  6. Attend the Annual Homeowners meeting and other Board meetings upon request, unless excused by the Chair.