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Eaglewood Background Information

Eaglewood Subdivision is a residential community with over nine hundred (900) privately owned single family residences, duplexes, and zero lot line homes located on over 250 acres in Eagle River, Alaska. The intent of the developers was to create in Eaglewood, a carefully planned subdivision which would provide an attractive place to live and conserve the natural beauty and character of the area, for the benefit and enjoyment of present and future home owners. Eaglewood owns its own streets, street lights, sidewalks, paved and lighted trail systems, and common areas for the benefit of the residents and their guests. All owners within Eaglewood, as mandatory members of the Association, are required to preserve the natural beauty of their property. The owners, through their purchase of their private areas, accept among themselves the principle that Eaglewood must preserve its natural rural character for the present and future enjoyment of all property owners.

The Association is governed by a set of Protective Covenants and Restrictions (PC&R's) and Bylaws which are also supplemented by additional Rules established by an elected Board of Directors comprised of volunteer homeowners. The Board of Directors is responsible for management of the Association, maintenance and upkeep of all common areas, establishment of supplemental rules and regulations, supervision of Association employees, enforcement of the PC&R's, and establishment of all regular and special assessments. The current regular maintenance assessment is $75 per month per lot

The Association is not involved in any way in the purchase or resale of any individual home or vacant lot within Eaglewood. Any individual considering buying or renting a lot or home in Eaglewood should deal directly with the individual, or real estate company, that owns the lot or home. Included for your information is a list of local real estate companies that may be able to provide additional information regarding any lots or houses that are currently on the market in Eaglewood Subdivision or the surrounding area. Also included is the address for the Alaska Convention & Visitors Bureau where you may be able to obtain additional information about the State of Alaska.