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Eaglewood Long Range Planning Committee Charter

Authorization & Purpose


The Board may appoint committees as deemed appropriate in carrying out its purposes.

The Board of Directors hereby charters and establishes the Long Range Planning Committee. This Charter replaces any and all previous such Charters.

First established in October 2001, the purpose of the Long Range Planning Committee (LRPC) is to provide a comprehensive plan to the Board of Directors for improvement, replacement and maintenance of the infrastructure and grounds of Eaglewood. The Committee will also assist the Operations Manager to prioritize Capital Projects.

Committee Chair

The Treasurer of Board of Directors will serve as the Chair of the LRPC as infrastructure maintenance and replacements is the most significant financial obligation of the Association.

Committee Form and Duties

  1. The Committee will be formed from volunteer Association members.
  2. The Committee will have at least 3 members including the Chair and Operations Manager.
  3. A quorum will be at least 2 members and will include the Chair (or designee) and the Operations Manager.
  4. As it is desirable to have broad participation by our Home Owners and the need for the Committee to include those with desirable expertise and experience a committee of 8 to 12 members is envisioned, but final size is left to the Chair subject to Board oversight.
  5. The Committee will assist the Operations Manager and Board in developing the 5, 10 and 15 year plan.
  6. The Committee will assist and advise the Operations Manager and Board on development of a 5 year priority list of needed projects.
  7. The Committee will develop this priority list by balancing the condition of particular infrastructure and the need to get maximum value for our Home Owners dollars and full life out all assets.
  8. The LRPC Committee will meet at least twice a year to establish the priority list and review completed projects. Additional meetings will be scheduled as needed by the Chair.
  9. The LRPC may inspect the neighborhood with the Operations Manager to establish priority projects.
  10. Minutes will be taken of all meetings. Minutes will be given to the Board the Committee Report and will be published as to be available to all Association members.
  11. The Committee will be assisted as required by a certified Professional Engineer retained by the Association and knowledgeable and experience in civil engineering. Other professionals may be retained as requested by the Committee and approved by the Board to advise the Committee on specific subject areas such as roads, drainage, lighting, safety, lawn care and other matters as the Committee requires.
  12. The committee will estimate the cost of the improvements, replacement and maintenance of each item in the plans for 5, 10 and 15 years. From these estimates, the board can plan the Capital Improvement budgets with known and anticipated revenue.

Application for Membership

An applicant must:

  1. Be current on his/her Homeowner Dues and Assessments.
  2. Evidence a genuine interest in planning for the Eaglewood community.
  3. Attend, as an observer, one LRPC Meeting.
  4. Have his/her name submitted to the Board of Directors, for approval, by the Committee Chair after attending the meetings above.
  5. Have a clear understanding of the infrastructure in Eaglewood.